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Just see continuously for more than 50 sec. I can see it spinning both directions. As Maverick said he can now see spinning in clock wise or anti clockwise direction as per his wish. Till now I am able to see the direction change after a Certain Interval, but not able to switch direction as per my will. The spinning can be seen in both directions.

How Derren Brown Remade Mind Reading for Skeptics | The New Yorker

I saw initially the direction change after certain time. I can now change the direction as per my will. Anyway nice optical illusion. Yes, I can do the same thing. In fact, I can totally do what he describes as impossible in this article. With training, you can move your body parts in opposite directions and even independent of other limbs. Some people have even been known to write with both hands in different languages at the same time. Well, not at first. After some practice, I found it was quite easy though. Heck, there are lots of things that are difficult at first.

Playing a musical instrument seems impossible the first time you pick one up.

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With training, it becomes second nature. To make the girl change directions, cover her whole body except the tip of her head. Then picture spinning the way u want and remove ur hand.


Wow on the spinning girl i found a way to break the illusion atleast for me. I look away from the screen but still see the spinning girl note that you should no way focus on her then i imagine her spinning the other way and with a bit of luck before she does a half turn i magine her sping back the way she was spinning before and suddenly i notcied that she wasnt spinning at all but going back and forth but when i focused on the movent the illusion came back and she started spinning. And in the high pitched tone one where u must hear the high sounds, for me the sound keeps coming and going…… Fun tricks on this site xD…..

Drummers should have no problem with that one at all. Did it with both sides. Not even a challenge.

What kind of tricks are you interested in?

Maybe I just watch too many scary movies? Get an A4 sheet of paper. Find someone and blindfold them. Put the sheet of paper on the surface. Tell them that the desk is covered with oil and tell them to move around their finger along the desk. They will be surprised when they take off their blindfold! I have a friend my age who can hear it, and she teaches High school. The spinning illusion I can get to go both ways, but the shadow I can only see going counterclockwise.

See a Problem?

So it gets weird for me when I see the image go one way, but the shadow rotates in the opposite way. Focus on the central foot. Problem solve! I loved this post! Could anyone else see the dancer animation just shift from side to side without actually turning? At first I saw it going clockwise then with concentration counter-clockwise, then by the end of looking at it for a fair while I could just see her leg swaying from side to side not actually turning.

10 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS)

Also With the the Man in the photo of the second one: Photoreception, I could see his image for ages afterwards. Could anyone else. I am 29 and I can hear the sound :. My dog also did he was sleeping but when I turned the player on he jumped so high and started looking at the screen trying to figure out where it was coming from.

Next time you are in bed at night, if the room is dark turn off whatever lights you can , and there is no noise ie nobody watching loud TV downstairs or sirens and junk outside , then you will experience it after a minute or two. Basically what is happening is that by laying in bed, still awake, in a dark and quiet room, you are in a sensory deprivation state and your brain will start to reproduce sounds that you have heard that day. Incorrect, I can confirm this, same sound I downloaded, used an amplifier and heard, but at lower sound levels my brothers and sister heard, and they got annoyed when put loud as said it was TOO loud.

Also sound range might be limited but not the frequencies, we can hear them all, just at different volumes as the older we are we lose the ability to hear the lower volume of that spectrum. Maybe its just my speakers. Is it different for others? Man was that a treat! I saw the girl one going clockwise? Sounds fun! This means that the Sine the y coordinate is 0. The wave should start our with 0, but it starts out higher than that. However, the Cosine of 1,0 is the x coordinate. This would make more sense than this being the Sine wave. I can see girl one moving back and forth. If you click on her, you will see it goes to a new page there, look at the back arrow, and you will see that she moves back and forth.

Playing with mind can be fantastic. Remember to have provocated to see other people at a party creatures which never have been there — there was no alcohol at this time consumed — everybody was in panic. Strange thing: everybody saw the SAME pictures! With the spinning girl, if you understand what you would see in 3D if the girl would be spinning to the left or right, you can change the direction every half turn if you just imagine what it will be when she goes the other way. This is because my brain tells me that the uplifted leg is in front of her standing leg when it sweeps right to left.

However, if I look at her feet, then tell myself that her uplifted leg is BEHIND her when it sweeps right to left, my brain starts to make the switch.

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Takes a try or two…. I was able to switch directions of the girl by watching the shadow of the center foot and the perceived center foot moving. By watching the center of the two images, I was able to tell my brain to move it in a different direction. If you look at number 1 with your peripheral vision then you can see that the picture really is going side by side and not spinning. My mind has been blown. So I was trying to to 1 and I got my self to see it both ways back and forth a couple times then what I got my self to do is see her lifted leg and body Ti go counter-clockwise but her other leg to be going clockwise lol very wierd. My dad is 40 and he heard it. Was it because I played the sound straight off the website instead of downloading it? Could that have made it lose sound quality?

In the first one her leg goes both ways! If you look closely at the leg on the floor it switches! You tricked us! The on about the pain was very interesting. I tried it since I have a painful cut next to my thumb. To my surprise it really did lower the amount of pain I felt. Can any body tell me why. To change direction, for me, looking at her shadow leg swing towards her, and she will change direction.

The spinning girl is spinning clock-wise…you cant change that… i tryed about 10 minutes to change her direction but it is not possible you guys are lying.. I can make the girl spin to the direction i want by spinig my head to the direction i want the girl to go. This is awesome. I figured out how to do 1 efficiently. Have your face about 2 feet away from the screen and stare directly at the mid calf of the girls non-extended leg.

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Then sort of unfocus and refocus your eyes while staring at the same spot over and over and it should switch. Pretty awesome! I was able to do it quickly within two or three tries. O when you look at the girl leg for like sec you can see she spins the other way then look at something and then look again she is spining the wother way O. O my head hurts -. That spinning girl thing looks like she just spins on her right leg then spin using her left.