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From that moment on they completely turned their lives around. They went from one absolute extreme to the other literally overnight, and changed the direction of our family of 6 kids. I, on the other hand, was never even remotely interested in church etc. Even though my father became a pastor. As soon as I left home, I never attended church and became an agnostic. I came to the Catholic church because I finally realized I wanted my kids to have some positive religious influence, and my husband was Catholic.

I think it is all my years of cynicism dropping away as Christ touches my heart in a very gentle way. But the Catholic Church has changed that for me. Praying the rosary, and saying other prayers throughout the day make my faith alive for the first time ever. I grew up around charismatics, so personal encounters with Jesus Christ were expected. We were members of the Episcopal church, which had traditional liturgy without orthodoxy.

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We went to Bible studies, Sunday night services, and retreats with charismatics, who prayed for the Holy Spirit to manifest Himself, and sometimes He did. One time, however, a fellow stood up during a service and said that God was coming to get the U.

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Half the congregation never came again, partly because of what he said, partly because the preacher let anyone say anything. Catholicism has been my rock since I enjoy the Real Presence in the Sacraments, and they are tied to constitutional authority. When my baby was a newborn in a bassinet, I had a dream of the Blessed Virgin, and she was weeping for all the sins of the world, a dream akin to that of St.

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Faustina of the Divine Mercy. I woke up wet all over my face with tears. I looked up from my bed and saw a glow behind the bassinet and the shape of the Blessed Virgin. I have not had any similar dreams or encounters.

"Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new Creation"

For a brief moment, however, I shared the grief of Our Lady of Sorrows. Kate said it well. Broadly speaking, I think it usually refers to a moment when you realize you are a sinner and you seek redemption in Christ. It can be very dramatic or quite simple. Also remember that to Evangelicals, salvation is a one-time event.

Hence it is very, very important to have one of these experiences. It is roughly equivalent to going to confession minus the priest, of course and pouring out your heart to God, but it only happens once in a lifetime. I had one of these moments when I was 14… I was singing in an oratorio like an opera, but with a religious subject. Briefly, There was me, a child trying to find her way in life, the woman, trying to protect me, a cynical man saying God was dead and Jesus, played by my teacher.

Jesus and the child were talking my teacher and I and at one point, he was singing I had to choose between the reason men clings to or choose the cross. It felt like it was someone else talking directly to me. I felt it so deeply I forgot what I was supposed to say next, and I was almost in trance for hours after. In the following weeks, a lot changed in my life, enough to seriously consider becoming a sister… by the time I was 20, I forgot some of it, and stopped going to church, until an other incident happened, but I am not ready to talk about it quite yet.

To this day, he celebrates the anniversary of the day he was able to truly surrend his life to Christ. He was raised Catholic, but by college was living an immoral lifestyle and was an alcoholic, even though he continued to go to Confession and Mass. Three weeks before graduation, he met a young Protestant girl who shared her personal relationship with Christ with him. My dad explained that he tried to go to church and reform, but just failed terribly.

Encounters with Jesus - Your Personal Encounter with Jesus

She asked him whether he had ever really encountered Jesus personally and surrendered his life to him. To this day, he still knows exactly what he prayed:. These people tell me that you can do anything, so I hope you will help me. Please fill me with Your Holy Spirit. At that time, he says he was filled with an amazing light and grace.. Since that time, he has never been drunk again in his life. It was an experience that radically changed his life forever. Some need to be knocked down by a hurricane; others can be moved by whispering breezes. But we can encounter Christ personally in both ways.

Jen, I know that this phrase means so many things to many people but I love that as Catholics we have the Eucharist. Let me explain. When I was a teenager — I went to a summer youth conference at the Franciscan University of Steubenville.

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Now at these conferences or Youth , or many other Catholic conferences for youth or adults , they have a Saturday night program of adoration and a holy hour where they process the Monstrance around the space. It is so amazing to see how Jesus touches people through the Eucharist and how you can really feel His Presence there too. The first time I ever went to one of these conferences I was so moved by how much Jesus loved me. That experience really affected me, and if nothing else convinced me of the real presence of the Eucharist, as well as a personal, loving God who knew me inside and out.

The power and love radiating from Our Lord is incredible. I truly believe that if anyone wants the Lord to give them a personal experience with Him — adoration is one of the best ways to do this. God is there and He will touch someone who wants Him too. For some of us, more faith is required, but we find it and we believe. For others, they are never, ever going to believe — period. Then God sends them a sign, a vision, something tangible.

Think St. My mother is a cradle Catholic and I was baptized as a baby, but at the time Mom was very much a cultural Catholic. We went to Mass about once a month, but I was never really taught anything about my faith. I got the impression that church was an optional thing. For some reason, I was always very strongly attracted to the Eucharist. I had my first confession and communion when I was 7. When I was 8 or 9, it suddenly entered my head that we went to church to worship God. I started to get really curious about this God person.

Shortly before I turned 10, we started homeschooling. I practically memorized the Baltimore Catechism. I prayed my first rosary when I was 10 years old, and promptly fell in love with Our Lady. At the same time, I decided that my dad needed to be Catholic, so I started praying for his conversion.