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Square sizes are popular options for larger format fiction, non-fiction, photography, and cooking books. Square Square is matched well with all binding styles and text paper stock options. Large Square Large Square is matched well with all binding styles and text paper stock options. How should I prepare for an audition?

What should I wear to an audition? How should I memorize my lines for an audition? How do I calm my nerves before an acting audition? How do I self-tape an audition?

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How do I handle a bad reader in auditions? How do I get the casting director's attention? What should I do after an audition? How do I audition for film? How do I audition for television? How do I audition for theater? How do I audition for commercials? Show yourself some respect and build a reputation for being a prepared actor. Pro tip: For musical auditions, says Backstage Expert Andrew Byrne , make sure your binder with your sheet music is well-organized, its pages are double sided, and your musical cuts are properly labeled.

Know that your homework is done.

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Now let your preparation meet the moments. Flexibility: C asting directors and directors will often provide auditioners with notes and adjustments on their performance. Learn how to listen and incorporate them into your interpretation. If you're auditioning for TV shows or commercials: know your sides Theater: know your monologue Films: know your script. Yep, a deadline. Go ahead, send a link to your reel or most recent short film, commercial, clips, etc. Write down what you did well and what you think you can improve on. Avoid doing a well-known monologue delivered by a famous actor. Other times, the director will be present, too, possibly even a producer.

Make it your business to know as much about them as you can find out. Is it a comedy or a drama? How will it be filmed?

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Where does it take place? Once you get as many of those questions and more! Know who's behind the scenes on the series: The casting director will usually be your first interaction. Sometimes producers, showrunners, and creators will also be in the room. When this happens to you, don't panic; instead, become a super sleuth. Have a parent or friend work with you to look into your lines for clues on making the most interesting choices possible.

If your pilot, for example, gets a series order and finds success, it could run for years. So be sure to have a good grasp on what you are signing up for before you jump at a pilot opportunity. Auditions for acting B. Shakespeare, Sophocles, Moliere, etc.

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For help finding a monologue, check out the Monologuer! You don't want to be fumbling in the room and you certainly don't want to make it difficult for the pianist to play your selection. Have a variation of go-to songs that you know show off your instrument, across all genres.

If you're going in for a revival, for example, you need to have some classic staples. But if you're going in for a new or contemporary musical, you should have some pop-veering selections to fall back on. For musical theater auditions , especially, be sure to have your audition song, sheet music, dance routine, and monologue ready and organized. To be a true professional , achieving the triple threat status is your greatest asset. Be sure to pick a piece that relates to the character you want to play as well as one from which you understand the dramaturgical context.

Memorize your lines and come in with a strong choice. The surest gauge of the impact a life makes is how many other lives it touches. Nothing in life looks the same once you truly understand that you are not exempt from death.

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The Book in Three Sentences: The two classic drivers of human development are nature genes and nurture environment. Many people mistakenly believe nurture only refers to how parents raise their children. Although children do learn things from their parents, they learn far more from their peers. The world that children share with their peer group is what shapes their behavior, modifies the characteristics they were born with, and determines the sort of people they will be when they grow up.

He lived a full life that included dealing with criticism over being gay, attending medical school at Oxford University, experimenting with heavy drug use, traveling the United States and Canada by motorcycle, suffering life-threatening injuries, squatting a California state record of pounds, and being honored by the Queen of England for his many books and storied career as a physician. Sacks is a symbol of the importance of writing, the power of exploration and inquisitiveness, and the need for empathy. Putting things off is the biggest waste of life: it snatches away each day as it comes, and denies us the present by promising the future: live immediately. In any situation in life you will find delights and relaxations and pleasures if you are prepared to make light of your troubles and not let them distress you.

The Book in Three Sentences: The human brain is wired for inattention and inertia. We can bridge the gap between our intentions and our behavior by using strategies to lock in our future behavior like active choice, pre-commitment, good design, reframing, and simplicity. The Practicing Mind by Thomas M. Sterner Print eBook Audiobook.

The Book in Three Sentences: All of life is practice in one form or another. Actively practicing something is very different from passively learning. You will never reach a level of performance that feels complete, so learn to love the art of practicing your skill. The Book in Three Sentences: Before you pay your expenses, take your profit first. Run your business based on what you can afford to do today, not what you hope to be able to afford someday. When profit comes first, it is the focus, and it is never forgotten. The Book in Three Sentences: This book is an autobiography written by a year-old boy from Japan about what it is like to live with autism.

The way autistic people view the world is very different than the way we may perceive them to view the world. This disconnect between how we view and treat people with autism and how they actually view the world makes living with autism even more difficult. Resplendent Light by Christopher Burkett Print. Clason Print eBook Audiobook.