Guide Kickin Butt as a Single Parent – 99 Tips Every Single Parent Must Have

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I believe the answer is we need to learn how to set realistic expectations for motherhood. This is especially true in our massively social media driven world where all moms seem to want to share is their highlight reel. I mean who wants to air their dirty laundry or dishes for the world to see? ALL moms have messy floors, dirty dishes, kids that talk back and disobey, and a to-do list a mile long that never seems to get done.

Sure, we may have majorly different parenting styles and world-views but we love our children and work really hard to make sure they get their best chance in life.

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Pessimism runs in my blood. I have to fight against seeing the negative side of things on a daily basis. And my motherhood struggles are no exception. I merely want to point out that even when problems and struggles are so very real, having a healthy perspective and doing healthy activities go such a long way in helping us heal our way through those issues. I used to suffer for months on end with depression and never told anyone. Instead, I allowed those thoughts to permeate my heart and make me feel hopeless.

You care about your kids and your own wellness. So why not take on that same philosophy yourself? Especially, when momlife is kicking your butt! Take time to drop all the mom stuff, responsibilities, and burdens. And just do what makes you happy and brings you joy. That could be reading a great book. It helped me work out some major issues I was feeling in my mom life. I would also highly recommend spending fun time with your kids. Not just your shared space in the room attention but your all-eyes-on-me, doing total fun stuff attention. And you need this fun kid time too.

The reason we struggle to sometimes enjoy just hanging out with our kids is we feel the pressure of AllTheThings that need to be done and are piling up.

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I totally get it! Need some ideas? I highly recommend you check it out for yourself! Sometimes it can feel like we do, though. Our children are given to us. Trying to be perfect and making no mistakes is a total setup for epic failure. In fact, perfection is really an illusion like a mirage in the desert. We were created to simply be us.

Kickin’ Butt as a Single Parent” “99 Tips that every single parent must have!

Learn to be OK with your unique personality and parenting style. And stop comparing yourself to other moms. Your kiddos need YOU! Another powerful way to set realistic expectations as a mom is to say no to mom-guilt. Well, mostly, because having that guilty feeling is just par for the course for moms because the real source of mom-guilt is the love you have for your child. The thing we must remember is we have grace. And guilt is a toxic emotion meant to stop you in your tracks and have you InYourFeelings for far too long. To remember those visions you had of becoming a mother and what you wanted to accomplish.

My husband and I struggled with infertility issues so it took us almost 5 years before we got pregnant with our first child. The last few years before I got pregnant were agony. Every single month, 12 of them to be exact, brought extreme heartache. It also was a season of vision, as I could see nothing but my baby for years before she came. We longed to finally meet her.

I only focused on loving her with all my heart and providing her with her absolute best chance in this life. When was the last time you ended the day with a positive thought about yourself as a mom? Do you even know your true value as a mom? Motherhood is hands-down the hardest and yet most purposeful and fulfilling job anyone could ever ask for!

We have a powerful and impactful ministry assignment to raise those little ones into who they were called to be. That and the fact that those little ones are super messy, bossy, and generally all about themselves most days.

Parenting Adult Children Who Make Bad Choices - Kevin A. Thompson

Just know, that all moms struggle with that stuff. And whether you feel like it or not, motherhood is a calling. And all the biggest callings come with the biggest sacrifices. You have the grace to be a wonderful mother… oh and a joyful mom too! Go ahead and lift up another mom and share this post to all the moms you know. And together we can lay down perfection or guilt and embrace US.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. I absolutely agree with everything you wrote and really feel relief now after reading it!!! BEst post ever. And on and on. Having abundant financial resources makes it a hell of a lot easier to ensure your kids continue to have the same resources for themselves. It is much more difficult to gain what your parents and their parents never had.

Not impossible but much more difficult. I think this is the reason I take exception with the tone of this article. In reality I personally know quite a few lazy, neglectful parenting, entitled wealthy people, and many, many hardworking, proud, honest, 2 job working, salt of the earth poor people. We live in a capitalist system where in order for our system to remain balanced there needs to be stratification of wealth.

If it was as easy as the author makes it sound everyone would be rich. Whether upper class, middle class, working class, or poor. Typically if you are born rich you die rich. Born poor, die poor.