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Bring Back by Simon Parker Short, Drama, Horror - A man kidnaps a member from every faith, convinced that whoever has the true religion will be able to bring his dead wife back to life. Broadcast by Howard Jensen colkurtz8 Short, Drama - An aging DJ is deemed surplus to requirements while a young couple go through a crisis. The Brochure by Mike Guerrini nunzio Short, Drama - An ordinary, average guy decides to take a "vacation" from his ordinary, average ways. He stays in a hotel where a man in the next room strangles his wife when he discovers her having an affair with his brother, and gives himself up to the police.

Is there a link between the two men? Brothers by Kyle Short, Drama - After the sudden death of their parents only one brother the youngest got to inherit their life savings. And with both brothers trapped in loveless relationships they now begin to focus on each other, one wanting to save with the other wanting to kill. Brother's Keeper by Adam Nadworniak Short, Drama - Meet the Jasper brother's, Jake is you're regular everyday 25 year old however his brother isn't so normal.

Jake's brother is Jeremiah he's a hulking mindless serial killer in the vain of jason and Michael Myers. Jake will do anything to keep his brother happy, however the only thing that makes him happy is killing innocent girls. Brown by Finlay Short, Drama - 2nd year film project. Atypical teen girls with guns.

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It's all just for fun! Buck's Burger by Helio J. Corderio Short, Drama, Suspense - Buck's Burger success has two names: creativity and love but not necessarily in this order. Bulletproof by Steve Meredith srusteve09 Short, Drama - Devin carries out a school shooting with the help of some of his friends. The one person brave enough to confront Devin is a fellow classmate named Kyle. Kyle soon learns that sometimes the only way to fight fire The Bunyip by Jon Garland wordartisian Short, Drama - A daughter's strange behaviour after the loss of her father is a concern for her mother.

The Bus Ride by Mitchell Gray Short, Drama - A man overwhelmed by the social world finds his blissful daydream brush against reality when he makes an unwitting connection with his seatmate on the bus. Bygones by Aaron Berry Short, Drama - A homeless man is joined on the corner by a slacker and his dog.

Through a conversation, they discover that this isn't their first meeting and they're closer than they thought.

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Nelson can not afford to keep NJ in his special needs school. With little recourse, Nelson decides to bet his savings at Hold 'Em.

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He loses. Yet back at the hotel, NJ tries his hand at a virtual casino with life changing results. They attempt to become famous through the social network of the modern day. Alcohol even takes the life of one person that he loves… 37 pages pdf - Discuss this script. Little does he know change is just around the corner, but how will he take it? The prison cell is a penthouse on Wilshire Boulevard.

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Career Move by Richard Russell Short, Drama - A man down on his luck runs into someone who promises to make things better. Carol by Bryan James bryan Short, Drama - Bears aren't the only fearsome creatures in the woods. Castles by Steven Clark Short, Drama - A day at the beach yields a profound moment for a father and his four year old son. Casual banter turns to a moment of truth when one reveals a dark secret to the other. The Catch by Benjamin Dahlerup Short, Drama - A man at a dinnerparty gets interested in a young and innocent teenager.

As the party progresses, and he gets drunker, the interest gets more and more intense. The Catch by Steven Clark Short, Drama - Upon returning home to discover his son's lost in video game land, Steve realizes there's only one thing to do. Caught Sideways by Greg McLauchlin Short, Drama - The dirty little secrets of an upscale household are in jeopardy of being exposed when an intruder invades the home. The Cell by Kamren Bell Short, Drama - A young girl finds herself in an unfamiliar situation with only a fragmented memory and a surly confidant to help her piece together the the night before.

Even if she can remember, will she confront the demons that come with the memories? Cell S27 by Stephen Moore Short, Drama - The night before his release from jail an innocent man gets a visit from some of the other animals in the zoo. Can he remain innocent or must he become an animal to survive. Change the Channel by John Christopher Scarlet Short, Drama, Horror - A young man travels a long way to execute a will, all in the hope that he head home slightly richer then he already is. Change, The by Gabriel Moronta Mr.

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Ripley Short, Drama - Jim Morrison is going to change in prison one way or the other. Changing Tune by Baron White Short, Drama - A young man with who suffers from agoraphobia tries to break his phobia and return to the world. Charles's Band by Levi Gardner levijyron Short, Drama - A lonely old bachelor decides to give love another shot after a chance encounter with a stranger. Chat Room Encounter by Ryan Short, Drama, PSA, Commercial - Chat Room Encounter' is a short script, possibly a commercial, about a young girl, Jessica, who begins chatting with, who she believes is a boy, but who really turns out to be a predator.

The film is designed to inform parents and kids alike of the dangers of the cyber world. But it's only now that he comes to understand life. Cheque For Mom by Simon K. Parker Short, Drama - Needing to find out why her mom is getting sent mysterious cheques every month, a young girl will get her answer but will also have her whole world turned upside down.

Chinese Take Out by T. A Vegas call girl meets up with a cannibalistic john, or so he thinks. Based on the life of a young woman and her kids living in Dublin. Christian by Matthew Sanders Short, Drama - A young boy says goodbye to the only friend he's ever known.

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Christmas in Leningrad by Dustin Bowcott hosted by Dustin Bowcott Short, Drama - A man, starving during the siege of Leningrad, goes to extreme measures to put food on the table. A young man bent on crime listens to Charles Dickens. Chubby Wubby is in Charge by Edith Woi Short, Drama - An 8 year old girl who is an illegal immigrant, endeavours to manage her household affairs despite having an illiterate mother and womanising father. One night they debate the behavior of mankind. Of course the discourse of the romance has complications which both must work through.

Clementine by Stephen Brown stebrown Short, Drama, Noir, Thriller - A protective father looks back at his daughter's wedding night, a night he will never forget. Close Enough by Steve Burton SBurton Short, Drama - The boundaries of the platonic friendship between Larry, a straight man, and Gary, a gay man, are challenged as they deal with other life issues. Closed for the Summer by Simon K. Parker skp Short, Drama, Teen, High School - Two friends will have to try and out think and stop a thug from stealing from their high school whilst it's closed for the summer holidays.

Closet Space by Keelan Sumner - Hare Short, Drama - A closeted young teen much choose between his loyalties to his estranged family and the man he desires. Closing Hours by Alex Wallace xale Short, Drama - A man dying from cancer has a meeting with two people that may change the way he looks at what life he has left. Closing the Distance by David Archibald Short, Drama - A young woman struggles to deal with life after a terrible car crash kills her family.

She has tried to overcome her ordeal but when her abuser is released early from prison she's back to square one. Cocky by Michael K. Snyder Short, Drama - The fall of a drug lord takes place on his own boat. Who is he fighting, and how did he get there? Coffee by Kowalski Short, Drama - A waitress, her boyfriend, and her lover are all entangled in a web of lies that eventually leads to a point of no return.

Colder by John Helliwell Short, Drama - A spiteful Grandfather teaches his Grandson a lesson in cruelty, but regrets it when the seemingly innocent child proves to be a fatally quick learner. He meets a colour blind man who can only see Vikram in full colour. The Colours of Prison by Abdulnasir Imam Short, Drama - A woman in a mental institution looks back at the last several years of her life and the incidents that led her there. Comedy is Cruel by Sasha Patpatia sashaloveskonish Short, Drama - Humor is a weapon, so you better learn how to use it.

Based on the short story "Comfort" by Alice Munro. Coming Home by Simon K. Parker Short, Drama - An overprotective father is tested my a beautiful young women when he crashes a party looking for his son who has broken curfew.

Now, after they've both accomplished a great deal in their respective Air Force careers, they reunite, and Wesley tries to convince Ashley to come with him to the private sector. In this monologue, he takes a look at his life, and recalls one very special night. Competition by Nikki April Lee Short, Drama, Thriller - A young bombshell receives the scare of her life when she cheats with the wrong husband.

Is the man being interrogated the one who is committing the crime or is it someone else?

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The Confession by Adam Slutsky Short, Drama - In desperate need of confession, a troubled young man asks a priest to come to him. Consensus by Richard Russell Short, Drama - When a group of teens loses its adult guide, they try to figure out how to survive in the wild. Conversation by Freddy Long Short, Drama - A suspect and detective have a conversation about an unknown charge in an interrogation room. Cottonmouth Coed by CJ Walley hosted by CJ Walley Short, Drama - Knowing she has a bounty on her head, a small time college cannabis dealer tries to convince a close friend to keep her business going so she can go into hiding.

Taking his son out of school he wants him to be the next big thing in boxing. But pushing him too hard his son will snap.