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Not that we thought what we were doing was really against the law.

Between Weathers : Travels in 21st Century Shetland

We were just balancing things up a bit. The weather has gone crazy and the war has spread to China. Jase, Euan and Murdo are laggers: forced workers in a future Scotland.

The laggers are helping to lay a new power line in the Highlands. Ailiss, a young woman from a secret settlement in the frozen hills, is going to strain their loyalties to breaking point - and beyond. This is a prequel to "Driftnet" with forensic scientist Dr. Rhona MacLeod. When does desire become obsession?

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A hen night in Glasgow leaves the bride-to-be dead on a toilet floor. Her body is twisted, her face a mask of terror. Who would kill a girl just before her wedding?

Dr Rhona MacLeod and her team are called in to find out. As they go through the evidence, they find themselves in a world where sex is bought and sold, and more violent death is lying in wait. Latest News News Archive. Reduced Kindle Titles If you're looking to update your Kindle for the weekend or upcoming holidays, look no further! We have a great selection of titles, all reduced to just 99p.

Non-Fiction Shadow Behind the Sun Remzija Sherifi In this dramatic and personal account Remzije Sherifi integrates the two great themes of her life by joining her family and people's history with the story of her work with asylum seekers in Britain. Between Weathers: Travels in 21st Century Shetland Ron McMillan Ron McMillan spent weeks on the unbeaten Shetland tourist path, braving the weathers to explore scenic landmarks, archaeological treasure troves and remote islands so under populated that for centuries they have lived with the threat of abandonment.

The Kerracher Man Eric MacLeod 'Few of us can imagine living without a lavatory, without a secure roof over our heads, without vehicular access to our home indeed most people would now think such privation to be incompatible with civilization.

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Site Works Robert Davidson On a wind lashed coast in the far north a group of men assemble on a construction site. The Weekend Fix Craig Weldon In this light-hearted coming-of-age tale Craig Weldon, confused and direction less except for his love of the hills, wanders Scotland, Wales and England having fun outdoors.

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Novellas For those who enjoy a shorter read. McMillan began his freelance journalist career in Seoul , Korea during the run up to the Olympic Games. For two years he reported on the street riots and political uncertainty that preceded the Seoul Games, which he photographed from Opening to Closing Ceremonies for the Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee. McMillan spent the next ten years based in Hong Kong, travelling on assignments everywhere from Afghanistan to Japan for publications in Asia, North America and Europe.


He visited Mainland China on assignment almost fifty times, [4] and in May was possibly the only journalist to photograph Chinese Army tanks parked up in a western suburb of Beijing. A week later, the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square. Upon returning to Scotland in , McMillan concentrated on writing and illustrating travel and business features for broadsheet newspapers such as The Herald and Independent on Sunday. McMillan's first foray into published fiction was released by Sandstone Press in June Yin Yang Tattoo is a crime thriller set in South Korea, and, according to the author, "represents the first in a new series of thrillers with the same central character, and set in various Asian capitals known well to me from my time freelancing around the region.

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